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Life style changes and therapies

After my diagnosis, on the same day I have stopped everything that was unhealthy. I was a party girl, smoking, drinking and more were quite usual on weekends. From this moment on my body was my temple and I would never eat or do anything that was not healthy, healing and cancer fighting. I have spent months with research about nutrition, alternative therapies, supplements, and natural compounds which would help me to heal.

Fortunately I was already very interested in healthy nutrition and have tried countless diets and nutritional concepts: vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, macrobiotic, low carb, paleo and even ketogenic. That was a huge advantage in fighting cancer, I knew already quite a lot about healthy foods and herbs. Around 2016-2018 I was even on a standart keto diet, mainly because of weight loss reasons. But it was a high protein keto, rich in dairy and animal products. My diat today is plant centered, vegan keto, very rich in vegetables, healing oils, nuts and seeds, everything is organic. Occasionaly I have a little organic eggs or wild fish or venison. I never drink alkohol or eat processed foods but I’m a chocoholic. 🙂

What has helped me to heal is:

  • A THERAPEUTIC ketogenic diet
  • All forms of fasting and fasting mimicking, this has an immense effect on my body and mind
  • Off-label drugs, Care Oncology Clinic and Jane McLelland protocoll
  • High-dose Vitamin C infusions
  • Detoxing
  • Reducing my toxic load
  • Rebounding
  • Qi gong
  • Shinrin Yoku
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Stress reduction + adaptogens
  • Supplements, healing plants, herbs and mushrooms
  • Good quality sleep, relaxing, being with friends and family
  • Spirituality

There is enough research to back it all up, I will write a blog post about every point. Plus, there is something very important I can not back up with science: intuition. I had good advisers on my way who told me to trust my intuition, and not to believe everything what doctors say.

If you are a cancer patient, I highly recomend you watch the “Heal” documentary.

Much love xxoo, Alex

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