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The autoimmune protocol diet

Long time no recipe, that’s mostly due to diet changes I have made. I have tried the AIP diet, AIP stands for autoimmune protocol. After reading the fantastic book “Inflammation spectrum” by @drwillcole I have realized there is not only inflammation in my gut (I had terrible gut issues) but as well in my detox and endocrine system.

So what is exactly an AIP diet, you may ask. It’s an exclusion diet, food groups which may cause inflammation must be excluded for 4 or 8 weeks, it depends how severe your symptoms are. The first main group to exclude are all types of grains, inflammatory oils, all sweeteners and dairy. The second group are legumes, nightshades, nuts and seeds and eggs. After 4 or 8 weeks inflammation will cool down and you will heal.

What do you eat instead: organic vegetables and fruits, good quality, organic animal protein, good fats and coconut products – it’s a very clean paleo diet.

I was already on clean keto nutrition plan, so I knew my problems were somehow deeper, as keto did not resolve my health issues. After 4 weeks you re-introduce some foods, for me it was enough to do clean AIP for two weeks, my symptoms got much better. Then I could sort out the foods which were harming me, causing reactions like bloating, abdominal pain, water retention and so on. In my case it were sugar alcohols, nightshades and flax seeds. I must be careful with nuts as well. So I have created a pumpkin cake without sweeteners, nuts or seeds or eggs. It’s so super healthy, you can have it for breakfast. ALL OF IT! 😃🧡

I have replaced eggs and sweetener with apple sauce and lots of pumpkin spice, which I love.This recipe is still low-carb, but I like to have it on my training days, this way I burn all glucose down.

The most fascinating experience I have made with the AIP diet: I can eat all the starchy vegetables like pumpkin, beets and parsnips and I’m still in ketosis and in deep ketosis when I workout. Too much inflammation in your body causes higher blood sugar and low ketones, if in ketosis.

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