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Coconut flour tortillas, keto and AIP

This flatbread is suitable for keto and AIP(autoimmune protocol diet), it’s super low carb, delicious and versatile. Use it like tortilla wraps, it tastes great with sweet and savory spreads as well, I love it with vegan cream cheese and keto raspberry jam. It’s great with meat or fish when carnivore, too. If you have some inflammation in your body, this bread will really help you, psyllium husk and particular spices are very calming and healing for the gut. Just stop grain bread and all grains and you will start to feel better.

You can make this recipe plain, just with salt, but I love to add some interesting spices, my favorite is an Ayurvedian spice called Kapha Churna. It’s a mix of special spices according to my dosha, it’s improves digestion. I make it on my own, I buy the spices organic and in bulk, then grind and mix it fresh at home. Please let me know in the comments if you are interested in these spice mixes, if yes, I would make another post on my blog.

56g coconut flour
14g whole psyllium husk
1g-2g salt
40g olive oil (or coconut/ghee)
240ml hot water
Spices: kapha churna or at least a mix of coriander, cumin and curcuma

First mix all dry ingredients together, then add the oil or melted fat. Mix very well, there should be no lumps. Now add the hot water, again mix very well, you should have pliable dough. Let sit for 5 minutes. Form a ball an cut into 4 parts. Take one part, form a ball and roll out between two sheets of backing paper, very thin. To make it look very pretty(like on this picture) use a mold to cut it out.

Cook in medium low heat for 1-2 minutes on each side.

I use an iron pan(never coated pans, it’s very unhealthy), to prevent sticking I place a round piece of backing paper in the pan. Of course you can use another pan and add some oil.

6 pieces/macros per piece: 100 calories, 2g net-carbs, 1,3g protein, 8g fat.

Now have fun with this super easy recipe! 🥥

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  1. Oh my! These were absolutely scrumptious, thank you so much for sharing your talents, wisdom, and magic! I made them in lieu of our traditional crepes for Fat Tuesday. My children loved them as much as I did. 🙂

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