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No-bake sesame protein cookies (keto) with beta-glucans

Beta-glucans are a source of soluble fiber, and research suggests they may reduce high cholesterol and improve skin conditions such as eczema, bedsores, wounds and radiation therapy burns. Potential benefits of beta glucan in cancer care include: Supporting the immune system to fight bacterial infections. Beta-glucans can be taken as a supplement or in form of oat fiber, that’s what I have used here.

These cookies are something between a keto-bar and a protein-bar and taste a little like halva.
Main ingredient is tahini (which I love) and I have used oat fiber, it gives the cookies an oaty, cookie like taste and texture. 🍪
They are high fiber, easy to prepare, super delicious and should be enjoyed out of the fridge. I have used unflavored vegan protein blend by @myproteinde (made from pea, sunflower and rice protein), unflavored pea protein would be a good alternative. 🍪
Cookies are vegan and not too high in calories and very low in carbs, one cookies has only 1,9g – this way you can have two – or be like me and have three. 🍪🍪🍪
Great as a post workout snack!
70g tahini
60g coconut oil
20-30g fine powdered erythritol
60 g vegan blend protein powder
40g oat fiber
1-2 TS cinnamon
Few drops stevia
1 TS Vanilla extract
Pinch himalaya salt
30 g unshelled sesame seeds

Macros for 1 cookie(30g): protein 6,7g/ net carbs-1,9 /fat-11,4g 🍪
Melt coconut oil and tahini in a bowl in a warm water bath, add sweetener to taste, stir well. Add salt, vanilla and protein powder, add oat fiber and sesame seeds, stir well, a dough will form. Scoop in silicon molds, let cool in the fridge. 🍪

How Does Beta Glucan Work?

Research does not indicate that beta glucans can directly destroy cancer cells. Rather, beta glucans indirectly stimulate the immune system to attack cancer cells.

Beta glucans are first absorbed in the small intestine and broken into smaller parts. These substances then enter into circulation where they interact with bone marrow and various parts of the immune system.

Once they are in the immune system, researchers believe beta glucans:

  • Enhance immune activation, which translates into anti-cancer activity.
  • Spur immune cells to produce anti-cancer compounds called cytokines, which regulate inflammation and help the immune system fight diseases such as cancer.
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