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Keto chocolate mousse, dairy free!

Keto chocolate mousse made from avocado, one of my all time favorites! 🥑
Macros: kcals 296, net carbs 4.0g, fat 26.8g, protein 6g.
All you need is: an good quality avocado, 100-150 ml almond or coconutmilk , around 15-20 g good quality unsweetened cocoa powder(I like Valrhona), 20-25g erythritol, stevia(few drops) and a little vanilla extract + a pinch of himalaya salt.
Please adjust the amount of the sweetener and cocoa powder to your taste, I like to add more coca for a strong chocolate flavor. Please use organic ingredients if you have cancer!
🌿Blend it really smooth, it can even be frozen to a icecream. Keeps really well in the fridge and you can have a ketogenic chocolate pudding for breakfast! ✨This goes well as dessert or snack or practically everything.✨

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