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Chocolate recipe for basic dark keto chocolate

I’m a chocoholic and BASICALLY, chocolate made without sugar is nothing else than a FATBOMB. That’s means, I can have some, and no matter what type of sugar-free-low-carb-keto diet you are on: you can have some, too. You definitely CAN have chocolate (even quite often) on therapeutic keto. I’m just very cautious about the ingredients and thus usually make my own.

Making chocolate is a science, honestly, I have ready books about it. You need the right ingredients and patience like a Zen monk. I’m going to try my best to guide you through that complicated procedure.

Real, good chocolate is made of cocoa mass(also called cocoa liquor) and cocoa butter(plus sweetener and aroma) that’s all and that’s exactly what I use. Theoretically, you could use good quality cocoa powder, but that’s another story(and recipe). But I have made much better experiences using cocoa mass instead of cocoa powder and that’s what I recommend.

Next, the sweetener must be in powered form, I like to use a blend of erythritol, stevia and inulin(if you tolerate it well), I prefer to reduce sugar alcohols in my diet. Homemade chocolate is going to be a little gritty, because usually ingredients are grinded together for hours in a chocolate melanger till chocolate is very smooth.

Dark keto chocolate recipe

Ingredients for 3x 100g bars, all ORGANIC

100g cocoa butter
110g cocoa liquor
50g very fine powdered erythritol
tiny spoon powdered stevia extract(optional -stevia doesnt go well with chocolate)
Pinch salt
Real vanilla
5g sunflower lecithin

  1. Melt cocoa mass and cocoa butter in a bain-marie. Optimal water temperature should be around 60-70 C, DON’T overheat or overstirr the chocolate, just give it some time. Let is melt. Never heat chocolate over 40 degrees, otherwise butter and cocoa mass will separate. Be gentle.
  2. When everything is melted remove the bowl from hot water. Add salt, powdered sweetener and aroma, stir well to preven lumps.
  3. Pour in your silicone molds and let cool.

This chocolate can be stored outside of a fringe, like a normal chocolate, it won’t melt.

Important note: Professional chocolate maker use a conche to make chocolates very smooth. Because neither I nor you have such luxury, thus our chocolate will be little grainy, but that’s not bad. The taste of your chocolate will depend on the tase and quality of cocoa butter and cocoa mass, some kinds are more chocolatey, other more sour(what I don’t like).

Chocolate can be made with good quality cocoa powder as well, but that’s a different recipe.

Have fun and eat lot of chocolate, without sugar and dairy it is super healthy and good for your brain,dopamine levels and wellbeing!

Much love

xxoo Alex


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