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Keto sashimi donburi (salmon sashimi bowl)

Me and hubby are Japanese food fanatics, many of the traditional Japanese dishes can be made into delicious ketogenic versions. A donburi is bowl of rice, topped with seafood or vegetables, it’s one of the easiest Japanese dishes imaginable. Instead of carb loaded rice I have used shirataki “rice”. Shirataki noodles are another traditional Japanese food, they have almost no carbs and calories and are made from a plant called konjac or konnyaku(English name: devil’s tongue), most of you probably know it in form of noodles.

To “mimic” the creaminess of rice I have used a homemade avocado mayonnaise with lots of MCT oil. This mayonnaise really tastes like the real thing, but it’s vegan and low protein. Cooking with MCT oil is a new hobby of mine because it really helps me to stay within therapeutic range of keto. Since 2 weeks my GKI is constantly around 1-2, without too excessive fasting.

MCT mayo recipe:
200g avocado
60ml MTC oil
30g mustard (sugarless, check the label)
30ml apple vinegar
5g erythritol
dash of pepper
1-2 tablespoons of water, to thin out

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix till creamy and fluffy. Let cool in the fringe for at least one hour prior to serving. This stays well for 2-3 days in the fridge.

To assemble: mix mayo with shirataki rice and top with raw wild salmon slices. I serve this with wakame seaweed salad and tamari.

Macros in 100g: kcal 268, protein: 1,6g, net carbs: 1,3 g, fat: 27,3g

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